The Word Who is Life – Towards 2030

Update on the Word Who Is Life – see Word Who Is Life page linking all relevant content.

The meeting, last week, of the diocesan priests with the bishop, was a positive and hopeful occasion.  Changes at diocesan level concerning lay officers and appointments are to take place and a few parishes will move deaneries (creating 12, rather than 13, deaneries; but this doesn’t affect us).  In the next 7 years, as priests retire and die, the sharing-out of priests and parishes will gradually moderate and change, so that by 2030 a new look will be in place.  What this actually means for us, here, Bishop Richard will explain at the meeting on Thursday 8th November, Chatsmore School, at 7.00pm – to which I hope lots of you will come.  If you have questions, do ask – but, at this stage, I may not yet be able to answer them!

See this link for the bishop’s thoughts:

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Daily Holy Hour

It is hoped that the first stage of the dry rot works is now completed. The intention is to begin the daily Holy Hour again at 8.45am from tomorrow. However, due to the noise and the dust, this may have to stop again when stage two of the works begins (we wait and see …).

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Building Works Update

The new flooring in the car park entrance will be laid on Thursday/Friday 7th/8th June. The car park entrance will be closed straight after Mass on Thursday 7th for preparation work to the under-floor, making that entrance completely inaccessible until the afternoon of Friday 8th. The toilets will also be unavailable while the work goes on. Please use the main entrance during this short time.

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Roof, Scaffolding and Redecoration!

Very soon the scaffolding will be removed from the car park side of the church. Thanks to Jim McClean (who has given a huge amount of time to overseeing the work), the roof is now completed and we are leak-free!!
It looks beautiful (from above); it’s like a work of art. Very soon, we will begin to redecorate the sacristy and entrance areas (car park end) of the church, to make good the water damage. Thankfully, some of this is being paid for by our insurer. From Tuesday 8th May, for about 10 days, the sacristy and surrounding area will be out of bounds. This is a health and safety matter and we cannot make exceptions. Whilst the redecoration is going on, please take great care entering and leaving the church and keep an eye on elderly and frail parishioners who may not be aware of potential trip-hazards and the like. We will keep you updated – but, while all this work is taking place, we all need to look after one another. Please also note that access to the shop will be extremely restricted during this time, as it will be required for storage. Thanks.

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Streaming Mass Statistics

You may be interested to know some of the following information from our streamed Sunday and weekday Masses for September 2017:  number of viewers: 5699; total time viewed: 1660 hours; viewers form some of the countries who logged-on: Botswana, Hungary, Kuwait, Malaysia, Switzerland, and many more; three biggest viewing figures: USA: 218, Ireland: 312, UK: 1198.

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Car Park Usage

The parish Finance Committee has decided that the time has come to restrict use of the Church car park, and give priority on Sundays and Feast days to parishioners who are less mobile.

To this end, we ask that all able-bodied and ‘walking’ parishioners who come to church by car should please park in adjacent roads or at Sion School (which has been made available for this purpose).

We understand that it may take a few weeks for everyone to adopt best practice in this matter, and we appreciate yiour cooperation, which is a kindness to disabled parishioners in particular, and affords them better access.

The Committee is considering, too, the possibility of creating open sheds out of the garages at the bottom of the car park, for use by those who have mobility vehicles, and to encourage parishioners to come to church on their bicycles! Any tradesmen in the parish who are willing to help with the conversion of the garages later in the year, please let Fr Terry or a member of the committee know.

Many thanks. (The Finance Committee consists of: Jim Corkery (Chair), Jim McClean, Al Stepney, Mark Hudson, and Andrew Grott).

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Happy Summer Holidays!

summerholidaysCHILDREN’S LITURGY at the 10.30 Mass is now taking a break for the summer and will restart on Sunday, 4th September. We wish all our children and their families a very happy and enjoyable holiday

The FRIENDSHIP CLUB will close for August and resume on Wednesday 7th September.

The CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP last meeting will be 25th July and will restart on Monday 5th September at 8pm.

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Coffee after Sunday Mass

We are very grateful to the ladies and gents who kindly provide coffee after the 10.30am Mass on Sundays. Like most groups in the parish, they are taking a break for the summer. Coffee will resume, on a fortnightly basis, from mid-September. Please note that, owing to time-difficulties with tidying-up and clearing away debris, tables, chairs etc., only drinks will be provided. Many thanks.

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Taking Stock

The ‘Taking Stock’ initiative began in 2005 and aims to assess the historical and architectural importance of every Catholic church and chapel within a diocese. The project is a partnership between the Patrimony Committee of the Bishops’ Conference, English Heritage and individual dioceses. It is part-funded by English Heritage.

They have posted an interesting article on St Mary of the Angels – you can read it here:

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