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Live Simply Tip of the Week

Help onions and potatoes last longer

These two popular veggies are great cooked together, but they release moisture and gases that cause the other to spoil quicker than normal.

Simply store separately to waste less, and help them stay good for longer. Provided by Friends of the Earth

Worthing Churches Homeless Project Fundraising

7:15 pm

Fundraising Garden Party

WCHP will be holding a fundraising garden party at 26 Nutbourne Road Worthing on Saturday 21 st June. Visit a beautiful garden with a Koi Carp pond and browse the plant and book/DVD stalls. Teas coffees and cold drinks will be served with home made cake. There will be a fishy quiz and a raffle . £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for children including tea and cake

Barn Dance

On Saturday 14th June 7:15pm at the Barn (English Martyrs Church)

There will be live music and a dance caller. Tickets are £8 each including ploughman’s buffet. There will also be a bar. Tickets can be got from our charity shops or by calling the fundraising office on 01903 286480. 7:15 for a 7:30 start!

Please Donate your Coffee to WCHP

WCHP supplies of coffee are running really low. Every day breakfast is served to homeless men and women at our day centre, We also have 14 people in our short term assessment hostel and 18 at our Recovery Project. We get through a lot of cups of coffee! If you could spare a jar we would be very grateful.

Coffee can be taken to St Clare’s Day Centre between 9am- midday or handed in at one of our charity shops.

Holiday and Help the SVP

Holiday in a mobile home at Bognor for just £200 a week – and you’ll be helping a family who can’t afford a holiday!

The St Vincent De Paul Society (SVP) has a mobile home at Bognor which, outside school holidays, is available for rent of just £200 a week (see photos on notice board). By hiring this for some relaxation by the sea at low cost, you will also be supporting the SVP in its work of sponsoring breaks for families who are not able to afford a holiday.

For more information, please contact Laurence Kelly: 07788 963909 or Ray Hingerton: 07767 013629

Soup Run for the Homeless

Every Monday Night between 6-7pm we hold a Soup Run for the Homeless in the Parish Centre.

Have you got an hour to spare to help with meals or just socialise with these people, we would like to setup a rota?

Do you have unwanted gifts of spare socks and underwear (Clean) mostly for men but we do have a few females that are homeless or in bedsits without cooking facilities? We are also asking if you have spare sleeping bags and rucksacks, as the council regularly take their belongings away!

Do you have these items lurking in the back of your cupboards? Also sun-creams. Summer will soon be here but the Homeless Issue will not go away days might be warm (or wet) but the nights will be cold they still need our help.

If you think you can help please contact Rod Thick or Heidi Walker or leave above items in the sacristy for our attention. Many thanks

Donations needed for a Church Wheelchair

10:30 am

Our next first Friday Coffee Morning in May is in aid of a new wheelchair which is much needed here in our Church. We are in need of good quality items to sell, donations and raffle prizes. Please leave in the Sacristy for the wheelchair fund c/o Jacqueline Key