Proposal to Decriminalise Abortion

Abortion decriminalisation debate on 23rd October

At present abortion remains a criminal act unless certain conditions are met. Although these conditions have been liberally interpreted they still provide some important protections both for women and for their babies. There is now a campaign to take abortion completely out of criminal law, at least to the point when the baby can survive outside the womb. There will be a Parliamentary debate on this on 23rd October. It is important that our MPs are aware of our concerns and the basis for them as soon as possible.

For further information on the implications and how you can respond see:

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St Mary of the Angels Essential Building Works

You may remember that in June we informed you all that we were making an application for Heritage Lottery Funding, with a view to carrying out major repair work to the church building.

Regrettably, our application was unsuccessful, as it did not provide sufficient “value for money” to “the people and communities” beyond our own community, despite all we do to support so many worthwhile causes here and abroad.

However, even without the Lottery funding, we need to press on with plans to repair the roof structure, windows, walls and rainwater goods, and seek best advice from persons experienced in restoring Grade II Listed churches.  We must bear the cost of fees and building work ourselves, whatever that might amount to – and it will involve very considerable expense.  The best estimate obtained to replace the main roof covering alone is in excess of £122,000.  As we do not have sufficient funds to cover that, we will inevitably have to overdraw our bank account and make a concerted effort to save and raise money, over a period of years, to repay the deficit.  However, we do have almost £19,000 in a reserve fund for emergencies, which we can utilise, and we await repayment of money from our insurers, following the copper roof work and dry rot problem; we are still owed around £10,700 from them.  We are, therefore, in a position financially to at least begin the process of engaging professionals to develop a project of renovation: initially to the external fabric of the church, to keep it wind and watertight, and then, hopefully, to improve the interior.

It is important to me as your Parish Priest that you are kept advised of progress and consulted for your views when appropriate, so it is likely that this topic will be making a regular appearance in our newsletter and on our website for you all.  Even at this early stage I want to record my huge gratitude to Jim McClean, who is constantly working away in the background looking after these not inconsiderable projects.  To him, and to members of the Finance Committee, thank you!

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The Word Who is Life – Towards 2030

Update on the Word Who Is Life – see Word Who Is Life page linking all relevant content.

The meeting, last week, of the diocesan priests with the bishop, was a positive and hopeful occasion.  Changes at diocesan level concerning lay officers and appointments are to take place and a few parishes will move deaneries (creating 12, rather than 13, deaneries; but this doesn’t affect us).  In the next 7 years, as priests retire and die, the sharing-out of priests and parishes will gradually moderate and change, so that by 2030 a new look will be in place.  What this actually means for us, here, Bishop Richard will explain at the meeting on Thursday 8th November, Chatsmore School, at 7.00pm – to which I hope lots of you will come.  If you have questions, do ask – but, at this stage, I may not yet be able to answer them!

See this link for the bishop’s thoughts:

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The Diocesan Vision: Planning for 2030

These meetings are open to all in each Deanery and the plans will be presented by the Bishop, assisted by a team of advisers. The Worthing Deanery meeting will be held at Chatsmore Catholic High School on Thursday 8th November at 7pm.

Please try and come!

ALSO: Bishop Richard will be launching the Diocesan Pastoral Plan on 18th September to clergy and staff, and then deanery by deanery to everyone else. You will be able to view a brief video on the website from 18th September outlining the basic details of the plan. Please note that, to facilitate Fr Terry’s attendance at a meeting for priests on 18th, Mass will be at the earlier time of 8.30am.

Find more information on our Word Who is Life Page:

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Worthing Catholic Alpha

Worthing Catholic Alpha

Alpha is run all around the globe, and creates opportunities for conversation, with each session focusing on a different fundamental question about faith. You will find a welcome, food, a talk, good conversation and friendship. You can find more information at
Our next Alpha course starts with a no-obligation taster session on Friday 28 September at 7 p.m. in The Barn, English Martyr’s Church, Goring, BN12 4UH.
Alpha is a fantastic opportunity to explore questions about life and explore the Christian faith in a friendly and open environment.

There will be a free buffet and a short talk entitled “Is there more to life than this?”

All are welcome. For more information contact Mary on 01903 506599/07889 065356 or email

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Big Need for Parishioners To Volunteer for Church Cleaning

Once again, we continue to be in great need, particularly from younger adults. If you could possibly just give 1 – 2 hours of your time every 4 weeks, you would help keep our church in good shape. Currently we have so few doing so much; many of us well into senior years! Please call Teresa Turner at 01903 211396. We are immensely grateful to the team who so faithfully and so diligently do what they can at the moment – but they do need help!

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Urgent Need for Parishioners to Join Our Cleaning Team

We continue to need younger adults, and particularly people to work with our Thursday and Friday morning team.

If you could possibly just give 1 – 2 hours of your time every 4 weeks, you would help keep our church in good shape. Currently we have so few doing so much; many of us well into senior years! Please call Teresa Turner at 01903 211396.

We are immensely grateful to the team who so faithfully and so diligently do what they can at the moment – but they do need help!

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theASCENT – Discipleship Process for Young People

This October, theASCENT will be launching at Worth Abbey with the support of the diocese.

It’s a three-year discipleship process involving three weekend residentials a year and weekly online group sessions. It’s open to anyone about to go into year 10, 11, or 12 and it’s designed to take people with a real interest in their faith and to help them to make a deeper commitment and to explore who God created them to be, while making a few friends and hopefully having some fun in the process.

For more details, or to apply, visit or contact

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Justice and Peace Update

Thanks to everyone who contributed so many items; 100 boxes, that will go to refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, were filled! Thank you, also, to the many volunteers who helped with the packing. Just one more request: if you are free for an hour on Friday 25th May at 11.00am and have a car or van, we need to transport the boxes to Park Road, Worthing. If available, please email

There will be a second collection for Christian Aid Week after all Masses today. Envelopes are on the seats; please sign the gift aid section if you are a UK tax payer.

St Paul saw the Church as being a corporate body: various people, each with unique identities, talents, different skills and abilities, all contributing to bringing the Good News to others. Our differences became evident early in our marriage; these differences can be problematic or add richness to our relationship. The outcome depends on whether our choices are selfish or ‘us’ focused. See

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the week
Multi-tasking: Tips for the Office: Doing more than one thing at a time may seem like the best way to get all of your tasks done, but it can hurt your productivity more than it helps. Multi-tasking simply doesn’t work, and when you do, you end up wasting time. I’m sure some of you will disagree!

Last year we supported Christian Aid by signing letters to our banks about funding fossil fuel firms. Two of the biggest banks in the UK have now taken major steps that will help limit climate change and care for God’s creation. HSBC has ruled out funding of nearly all new coal power projects and Barclays has ruled out funding of new coal projects in rich countries and put restrictions on funding coal projects in poor countries. Thanks to all who sent letters to banks for being a part of this change.

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Marriage Matters

Bishop Jean Laffitte, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican, has recommended to parishes these reflections on the Scripture Readings for each Sunday of this year. They have been published by the British Catholic group ‘Two in One Flesh’ and it is hoped that they will encourage, support, and motivate couples to deepen their relationship with one another and with God.

This comes at a timely moment in the life of the Church when there is fresh attention on the centrality of marriage in her mission. See under the Marriage Matters tab on the site.

Here is the first one:

Jesus says: Whoever remains in me bears fruit in plenty. Listening to Our Lord is essential for our fruitfulness. This can depend on how well we make the time to listen to each other, to discern together. Often God speaks to us through our spouse; some say “the closer we are to each other, the closer we are to God.

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