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Covenant with the Poor – Part 2

"Giving generously, Spending wisely"

The generosity of our parish, as we have just proved in the CAFOD Fast Day, is a matter of record.

Many parishioners support charities by regular planned giving & responding to appeals. Charities are better than governments at targeting aid at where it can be used most effectively, but they need our support.

Even in our wealthy society there is still relative poverty, the gap between the poorest & the wealthiest sectors continues to widen -The global divide is far wider, and poverty more acute. Do we regularly review and increase our giving to our charities when we can? Do we give up small luxuries to give a little more to those who have no luxuries, and for many, not even the basic essentials of life?

Our organisations- SVP, KSC, J&P & others – reflect our church's outreach to the poor and needy but again depend on our support, not only money but also resources – food for the Night shelter, goods for jumble sales, items for Christmas presents etc. Do we respond to these appeals? Do we attend fundraising events. Do we support Traidcraft or buy fairly traded items in shops? Do we look at how money put into our savings, pensions etc. is used and support ethical investments?

We are all by the way we live part of the injustice to others. but by the way we use our money, our time & talents we can tackle that injustice.

"In relieving our neighbours suffering and meeting our neighbours needs, we are also serving Christ." (The Common Good)

Thanks for the kind donations for CAFOD Fast Day

Thanks to Parishioners who donated an impressive £615.

Because of the Governments Aid Match scheme CAFOD will now receive £1.230 to help their work in relieving poverty.

It’s not too late to give to CAFOD & take advantage of the scheme; envelopes are still available at the entrance which you can send direct. Their newsletter is also available.

Next weekend there will be an opportunity to support CAFOD’s ‘Thirst for Change’ campaign calling on the Prime Minister to urge heads of other developed countries to commit to giving resources needed to provide safe water & sanitation to the poorest & most neglected people in the world.

One child dies every 20 seconds from diseases caused by drinking contaminated water!! PLEASE sign a card at the CAFOD table after Mass. It will only take a second but may save a life.

Moving Statues!

After much discussion, the Statues of the Sacred Heart and St Joseph will be shortly moved to the Plinths in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

I hope that this will encourage people to visit the Lord in the Sacrament as well as His Statue.

The Statue of Our Lady will be moved to the Altar which has been used as a Lady Altar in the Church for the past few years with a temporary small statue. The candle stands will also be moved and moving the Donation Boxes, which unfortunately will involve some noise and dirt.

Justice & Peace Group Update

CAFOD Collection of used stamps & UK & foreign coins for CAFOD.

If you have any to spare please could you leave them in the containers outside the Sacristy. CAFOD ask that all stamps be cut or torn from envelopes etc leaving approx 1/4" of paper around them.

Night Shelter

Our weekly collection of tins of food, clothing, blankets etc continues which they are very grateful for, please leave in the Sacristy.

Covenant with the Poor (Part 1)

We will endeavour to be informed of the causes and the reality of poverty at home and overseas from publications, the media and from those with direct experience.

Tragedies such as earthquakes & famines are quickly relayed around the world on TV highlighting needs and making it easy for us to respond and give. But do we take time to watch documentaries or read publications that would inform us about the causes and reality of poverty and of the injustices that need to be tackled in our world?

We need to look for the facts behind the headlines. Do we keep up to date with work being done by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Jubilee Action, the Columbans and many others, to see what needs there are, what support and action we can take to help them?

Do we know what the Church's Social Teaching ('the best kept secret'!) really tells us?

Before we can reflect, act, or pray on issues of poverty and justice we need to be informed. Before we can become an understanding church we have to be a listening church.

All Catholic citizens need an informed "social conscience" to resist injustice in their own society (The Common Good).