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Catholic mass onlineA great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. (Revelation 12)
St Mary of the Angels in Worthing is a community of faith. We believe in the love and forgiveness of God and spread the 'Good News' among those we meet. Our church, in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, has been serving the Worthing community since 1864.

Celebrate Mass with us live at St Mary of the Angels

Catholic Mass Online St Mary of the Angels website allows you to watch Catholic Mass online on our live Mass webcam. Outside the Mass or service times you can view the tabernacle webcam in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for online adoration. There is a constant stream broadcast from the church so stay online to view other church services which may also be broadcast over the internet. Please come inside and join in!

To join our Mass or other live church services click this link -  Catholic Mass Online

Mass Times

  • Sunday; 8:30am, 10:30am (Family), 5:30pm (Folk), 7pm (Italian)
  • Weekdays (except Wednesday); 10am
  • Wednesdays; 8am Avila House, 7:30pm
  • Tuesdays; 6:30am in the Lady Chapel & 10am
  • Saturday; 10am, (Sacrament of Reconciliation & Exposition 10:30-11am)
  • Holy Day; 10am, 7:30pm
  • Daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Each day (except Sunday & Wednesday), in the Holy Souls Chapel, from 8.45am. Praying in silence for vocations.
  • Confessions each weekday and Saturday after Holy Mass. On the first Sunday of the month after all Masses and Wednesdays between 6.50pm – 7.20pm.

Featured Noticeboard Entries

  • The Brothers who are 'Equal to the Apostles'
    With what hymns of praise shall we magnify the divinely-wise teachers: Cyril, who chose to live with wisdom in his youth, and multiplied his talents to the glory of God: and Methodius who renounced the things of this world for love of Christ? He strove like an angel for the Kingdom of heaven. Through them, we have come to know God, the eternal Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, receiving from Christ our God great mercy.
    From a Russian Orthodox Hymn
  • The Lampedusa Cross
    Lampedusa CrossLast week the children's liturgy group designed their own cards with messages for refugees; these are displayed by the cross and will be sent to refugees via CAFOD.

    Thanks to the 10 out of our 300+ congregation for writing their messages of hope & support on the Lampedusa cards so far.  Hopefully the children's contribution will encourage others to do the same.  There are cards by the cross where you can write your message of hope & support.

    Millions of people live uncertain lives as migrants and refugees but 'they are all our bothers and sisters' (Pope Francis).  Cards in the box will be shared with refugees in the UK and across the world. If words fail you read the children's cards or see video at: http://cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Refugee-action/Send-a-message-of-hope for inspiration
  • Altar Servers at St Mary's
    We are all very happy to see, week after week, the large number of girls and boys who  kindly serve at Sunday (and other) Masses; they are so generous with their time and energies (they do a lot more for the parish than most of us see!). The time has come to replace their rather tired and worn-out robes. Fr Terry would like to purchase new cassocks and cottas, in all appropriate sizes, for our Altar Servers. It is estimated that this will cost about £2000. If you would like to help, or can give a little, kindly place it in an envelope marked ‘Altar Servers’ and pass it to Fr Terry.

    It will take a little while to build up enough cash, but the final effect will be worth the wait!

    Thank you for your generosity. In the meantime, please pray for our Altar Servers; who knows, we may have a few priests or Religious among them?
  • Help Needed with Church Cleaning
    We need more numbers in all four of our cleaning teams. Each team works once every 4 weeks, and on a specific day of the week: either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday mid-morning, or Saturday afternoon. Please call TERESA TURNER: 01903 211396 to discuss; this really is a great need.
  • Young Adults Group
    Fr Terry is keen to start a group for young adults (aged 18 - 30) in the parish. It will probably meet monthly and will include opportunities for faith-sharing and formation, food, prayer, and social time. If you fit the age bracket and are interested, please send an email to ppworthing@gmail.com.
    The group can start small, if necessary, and grow bigger in time. Perhaps older parishioners could pray for the success of such a group?

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St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church

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